Performance Training
(Full care 7 days/week, Includes 8 lessons/mo. and Blanketing)
(Excluding vet expenses)
Lessons $45/session
(Renew Gold, Rice bran and Beet pulp given daily)
Additional supplements
(Given daily)
 Provided by horse owner
  • Training/ Conditioning and Foaling fees do not include board. For current boarding rates please visit
  • All services are subject to availability
  • Medicating and special care is available and quoted upon request
  • All show horses are required to have a head and neck sleazie, sheet, blanket, standing wraps and blanket bag. KRE can assist with choice and color direction.
Additional Services
($25 minimum)
Farrier Billed directly
Vet Billed directly
Show clipping and feet sanding
(Head and legs)
Body Clipping  $90
Lunging and Turn Out $10/day
Photo/Video session preparation
(Does not include photographer/videographer fees)
Sales fee/Commission
(To be paid by horse owner)
Blanket wash/repair
(Provided by Lori’s Horse Laundry)
Price on request

*May vary due to fuel costs. Client would be informed prior to departure.

Show Fees
Class A Show (1 day) $200
(Includes hauling)
Class A Show (2 days) $300
Class A Show (3-4 days) $500
Regional $750
(Includes preshow)
Scottsdale* $1650
Youth Nationals* $1850
Sport Horse Nationals $1000
US Nationals* $2500


  • All show fees are assessed per horse attending
  • Show fees include all trainer’s expenses, groom’s expenses, grooming supplies, horse preparation, braiding and coaching

*All Scottsdale and National clients will be encouraged to participate in magazine advertising with KRE either a pre OR post horse show to showcase you and your show horse

Additional Show Expenses:

All entry fees, show fees, hauling, % of tack/groom stalls, patronships, pro-rated bedding, pro-rated decoration expenses and pro-rated food/beverage expenses are due and must be paid in full prior to departure to the show.

*Entry fees, show fees, hauling, % of tack/groom stalls, pro-rated decorations, early arrival/layover and bedding to be billed per horse.

*Patron packages, stall decorations, box seats and any food/beverage expenses to be billed per client

*Vet, farrier, medications, additional feed/bedding, early arrival and layover fees will be billed per horse following the show

Download in PDF Printable Form

2013 Estimated Show Dates and Expenses